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Filming in Iceland?

  • Despite reports claiming Matt is currently filming Interstellar in Iceland, there are no confirmed photos or sightings.

  • Photos of Matt visiting the UMMA Community Clinic on 30 August as part of the climate change documentary project are available here.

    Actor Matt Damon came by the UMMA Clinic as part of a 6-series documentary he is filming on global warming to air on the Showtime network.

    He interviewed UMMA's Lead OB provider, Dr. Tipu Khan as well as two pre/postnatal patients to discuss the effects of heat on pregnant women. Pregnant women in low-income neighborhoods are susceptible to premature deliveries because of the heat and lack of proper hydration. Many people in impoverished communities tend to drink soda and not enough water when thirsty. As a result, it leads to dehydration because of the heat and limited access to air condition.

  • A Brazilian interview is available here. The article claims Matt has two tattoos and Matt mentions that Lucy still makes him do the dishes.

  • It is 15 years since the release of Rounders.

  • Photos of Matt at a LA gym on Monday are at Just Jared.
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