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Iceland filming completed

  • Matt finished filming the Iceland scenes for Interstellar on Friday. A report is at News of Iceland:

    Christopher Nolan and a large TV crew have been in Iceland now for two weeks filming the movie Interstellar. The crew is now leaving the country after a successful filming session. They will continue filming the movie in Los Angeles.

    The filming crew stayed at Klaustur in South Iceland, all the hotel rooms there were booked and some residents even rented out their houses. A ton of extra equipment was shipped to the country because of the movie. Filming took place mostly at Svinafellsjokull glacier, and the area around Klaustur town. Filming went quite well even though there was a storm last weekend.

  • A few recent quotes from Cate Blanchett about Monuments Men from Herald Scotland and Ireland Independent:

    In January, she can be seen adding her feminine charms to The Monuments Men, a true-life Second World War-set "boy's own adventure", as she puts it, that reunites her with George Clooney, her co-star from The Good German, and Matt Damon, from Ripley.

    The Oscar-winning actress - who is about to try her hand at directing herself - joins an all-star male cast in The Monuments Men, directed by and co-starring George.

    Cate revealed: "[Clooney]'s unpretentious and workman-like. Just really clear and simple, no fuss. It was a really fun film. With Bill (Murray) and Bob Balaban and working with Matt Damon again, and with George, it was fantastic."

  • Matt is scheduled to attend the Emmy Awards on Sunday.
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