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  • A new French interview with Matt about sport is at Sport and Style, including Matt praising Francois Pienaar, rugby, synchronised swimming and early dreams of being a fencing champion to be more like Luke Skywalker.

  • Photos of Matt at the gym on Wednesday, and at a school and coffee run on Thursday are at the Daily Mail.

  • President Bill Clinton praised Matt's knowledge about water issues during an interview with ET on Wednesday.

  • From an interview with Chris Hemsworth:

    Q: You have been quoted as saying that Matt Damon gave you the advice to be boring.
    Hemsworth: (He laughs.) Yeah, we were talking about fame and whatever and avoiding tabloids and paparazzi and that sort of thing. I said, “You do a good job at it, how do you?” and he said, “Some people are just a target and others aren’t.” If you’re not falling out of a club at 4 a.m. with various women on your arms and you lead a pretty boring lifestyle, from a magazine point of view, you can skip some of it. It’s not something you can fake, anyway. I think you either are that type of person or you’re not. Both of us tend to be very family-oriented, and it keeps us out of trouble.

  • Another Emmys photo from InStyle.

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