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Miami break

  • Matt and his extended family, including parents and brother Kyle, were in Miami over the weekend for a family celebration. A report is at the Miami Herald, and photos are at the Daily Mail, Just Jared and Pure People.

    Matt Damon and his family (26 people total!) enjoyed a leisurely lunch at Saturday at La Cote, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach’s seaside Mediterranean restaurant, where they seemed to have a swell time. And why wouldn’t they? The staff created a private section for them on the upper level. Our moles say they are pretty certain the celebration was in honor of his mother-in-law’s birthday although there was no cake, so who knows. The group was “extremely kind to the staff” who made special runs to the resort’s casual poolside eatery for special milkshakes for all the kids. Ah, the A-list.

  • An interview with the owners of the Captain Linnell House on Cape Cod, where Matt visited for his college room-mate's wedding:

    What's your most memorable moment with this business?
    Bill Conway: Once, a skunk came in the back door, but I think something that stands out in my mind was when Matt Damon came here for his college roommate's wedding. All he did was stand out back and talk to the kitchen help, and for the last dance he danced with his roommate's grandmother. He was a really great guy.

  • Matt's interview in GQ Japan is now online, including:

    Matt Damon is not handsome. Eyes drip, nose is upturned a little. Face crumbles to crumples like a bulldog if he laughs. Not a style icon men want to model, nor a lover that enlivens the gossip magazines for relationships with fancy women.
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