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  • An interview with Matt is at Red Bull magazine, including:

    But could you kill someone if your life, or a family member’s life, depended on it?
    I definitely have the human instinct of protecting myself and my loved ones. And if I could look into somebody’s heart and see that their intentions were pure evil, I might perhaps be able to kill that person. But I don’t know that there is pure evil, or at least I have never encountered it. One of my close friends, however, went into the special forces, and his job at the end of his career was to track down war criminals in Croatia and Bosnia and take them to the international court in The Hague. He read the dossiers on those people and said there were a few that he thought could be labeled as pure evil.

    The movie business can be fickle. Do you worry your star status might go away at some point?
    It will definitely go away. The movie business is cyclical. Some guys are up, some guys are down. The key is not trying to retain some level of popularity, trying to do something with what you have and trying to do good work. How much you get paid—that’s always going to go up and down. It’s like when you play poker: You can’t bet scared, you have to bet because you want to bet-—not because you need to win the money. If you do a movie, it could be the end of your career, or maybe not—just do it.

  • A quote from a story about Liam Hemsworth's split from Miley Cyrus, said to be partly due to the influence of Chris Hemsworth's wife Elsa Pataky - at Radar.

    Pataky, meanwhile, is making friends with other Hollywood A-listers. Since giving birth to her daughter, India Rose Hemsworth last year, she’s bonded with Matt Damon‘s wife Luciana. Says the source, “She’s much closer to her than to Miley.”

  • Quotes from an interview circulating in German magazines, including Viply:

    Matt says: "My wife is my happiness. I cannot imagine my life without them. I do not have to fortunately. Through their love and my devotion as a father I have become a better actor."

    The acting, however, is not forgotten: "This certainly brings me joy and passion. But the job also has the advantage that I can spend more time with my kids than most parents. There may be months between individual film projects. During this time I get up early in the morning with my daughters and bring them to school or kindergarten."

    "Everything has worked out. My life is so wonderful and I want to continue to enjoy the happiness that I have found with my family."

  • To celebrate Matt's birthday PopSugar has a picture post of Matt and Lucy's 'cutest moments', including:

  • On Matt's 43rd birthday, another photo from Behind the Candelabra via the French Facebook page.

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