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Comedy pilot with Tom Papa, Monuments Men

  • Matt and Ben are the executive producers of a comedy pilot starring Tom Papa that has been sold to CBS - details at Deadline. Matt went to Papa's comedy show in LA on his birthday earlier this week.

    After a heated bidding war, one of the highest-profile comedy packages this season – a half-hour starring comedian Tom Papa that boasts Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as executive producers and Cathy Yuspa and Josh Goldsmith as co-writers — has landed at CBS with a put pilot commitment. 20th Century Fox TV is producing.

    Based on the stand-up of Papa and the experiences of Damon, the multi-camera comedy, titled More Time With Family, centers on a guy (Papa) who changes his career and gives up a life on the road to spend more time at home with his family — but when he gets there, he realizes no one asked him to do that. The project originated with Papa and Damon who had worked together on two movies, The Informant and Behind The Candelabra. They teamed with Damon’s childhood friend and frequent collaborator Affleck, whose company, Pearl Street Films, is making a big push in television. The three met with a number of writers, going with Yuspa and Goldsmith and setting up the project at 20th TV where the scribes are under an overall deal. Damon and Affleck will executive produce through Pearl Street along with Papa, Yuspa, Goldsmith and 3 Arts’ Dave Becky and Josh Lieberman. This marks Pearl Street’s second TV sale and second big commitment — the company also has crime drama The Middle Man at Fox, which has a pilot order with Affleck directing and Glenn Gordon Caron writing.

  • The second trailer for The Monuments Men has been released - available at EW and YouTube. ET had a behind the scenes look on Thursday's show - also at Tumblr. George Clooney talked about the movie at The Wrap.

    Are you worried about this coming up for “Monuments Men,” which is also based on a true story?
    Clooney: No. In doing “Monuments Men” we wanted to give some of these characters flaws, and they’re real people. We’re not going to give a drinking problem to someone who really existed, because that’s not fair. But I wanted to tell a story.

    How is “Monuments Men” going?
    I’m working on the score with Alexandre Desplat. Then I’m going to London to Abbey Road to record with London 100-piece orchestra.
    Were trying to do the movie in the vein of war films – but you don’t want it to sound like the “Great Escape.” Done in the ‘50s, ‘60s, they all had own sort of life. You don’t want to do a replica. You have to do new version. It’s been bit of a dance.

    If we get the tone right it will be a really fun film. The guys were great. Cate Blanchett is fantastic. We don’t have to do jokes: When you have Bill Murray and Bob Balaban in the frame together, it’s just fun. In the last scene of movie I have my father play me as an old man.

  • Anthony Mackie talked about snooping around Matt's house at Bethenny. Mackie also talked about a Matt/George encounter at the Oscars at the Huffington Post.
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