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Stand up for Gus Benefit

  • Photos of Matt on the red carpet for actor Jason Patric's Stand up for Gus Benefit are at Zimbio and the Daily Mail. Video of Matt and Jason meeting on the red carpet is at Maximo TV. Matt and Jason starred together in Geronimo: An American Legend in 1993. Ben was scheduled to attend but didn't. Details of the cause, relating to parental alienation, is at

    ABOUT STAND UP FOR GUS Almost four years ago, Jason Patric was blessed with a baby boy named Gus. For the first 3 years of Gus’s childhood, Patric was a consistent physical and emotional presence in Gus’s life. But that all changed in an instant. Patric was stripped of his rights as a parent after an outdated statute meant for sperm donors was applied to Patric simply because Gus’ mother and he were unmarried and used IVF to conceive. In Patric’s journey, he has discovered many other tragic stories of parental alienation and hopes to use his personal story and name to give a voice to those who do not have one. Thus, “Stand Up To Gus” was born, a night to raise awareness and provide assurance that no child should be left without the love and support of a parent.
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