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  • From an interview with Casey Affleck at Boston Magazine:

    Are you and your brother and Matt Damon still doing a Whitey Bulger movie?
    Yeah, they’re working on that script now. That’s sort of their project. I haven’t really been too involved. Ben wanted me to play Billy Bulger, but I don’t know too much about what’s going on. But I would love that. I mean, what a great story, and Billy is such a fantastic character.

    Okay, anything else before I let you go?
    Well, yeah, I grew up going to the Harvard Square movie theater, which they recently closed. So many Harvard Square landmarks are gone—the Tasty—and of all the places there should be a theater, it should be Harvard Square. And so I’m rallying people I know from Cambridge, Matt and my brother and a couple others, and trying to find someone who would partner with us to reopen that theater as a not-for-profit place. But we have yet to be able to find someone who’s willing to take the reins or partner with us.

    So you need an investor?
    Well, it was bought by the owners of the Charles Hotel, and I think we need them to let the building be used without charging an exorbitant amount of money, because it’s a nonprofit effort. We’re just trying to hold on to one little aspect of what Harvard Square used to be.

  • Casey talked about Matt's renewal of vows earlier this year with Jimmy Kimmel on his show - part 1 and part 2.

  • Matt attended the Pearl Jam concert on Saturday and Justin Timberlake's concert on Tuesday. Photos of Matt and Lucy outside the concert venue on Tuesday are at the Daily Mail.
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