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Leno, UNICEF Ball

  • Photos of Matt on Jay Leno's show are at Just Jared, including a small clip, and via Leno's twitter with other guests Chris Isaak and Larry the Cable Guy. Clips are at Leno's site, including Matt talking about his first ever appearance on the show (or any talk show) to promote Good Will Hunting. Matt says on the show he has not seen Monuments Men yet. Bob Balaban tweeted that the junket starts in LA shortly and the cast will see the movie for the first time on Wednesday night. A behind the scenes featurette from MSN is at Frenchies Fans of George Clooney.

  • Matt emceed the UNICEF Ball with Jerry Weintraub, and introduced Humanitarian Peace Award recipient Michael Douglas. Michael also surprised Matt with a humanitarian award of his own. Photos are at Getty and Zimbio, with reports at Yahoo and the Daily Mail. Lucy did attend in a green dress - photos are at and Isopix.

    Michael Douglas has expressed his sympathy to his Behind the Candelabra co-star Matt Damon for having to present him with a charity award.

    Just days after Michael beat Matt to the Golden Globe for best actor in a TV movie or miniseries for the drama about Liberace, the Bourne Identity star honoured his friend at a glittering gala in Beverly Hills.

    Speaking on the red carpet before he collected the Danny Kaye Humanitarian Peace Award at the 2014 Unicef ball, Michael said: "It's feeling like quite a week, it's a plethora of riches.

    "My heart goes out to Matt Damon, if I'm not beating him to an award he's having to give me one. I love him, he's great, he's a great humanitarian so to be involved with Jerry Weintraub, our producer of Behind the Candelabra who won this award last year, and with Matt this is an honour and Unicef is a great organisation."

  • A Skype interview with Men's Health editor Peter Moore about his visit to India with Matt is at WCCB Charlotte.

  • A report claims Harvey Weinstein is seeking Matt and Ben for a new film project:

    Harvey Weinstein hopes to reunite “Good Will Hunting” stars Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in a new movie, “A Speck in the Sea,” a real-life maritime survival story, Page Six has learned.

    Lobsterman John Aldridge, 45, fell into the Atlantic 40 miles off Montauk last July while the boat was on autopilot and his partner Anthony Sosinski was asleep. He used his rubber boots as flotation devices while lost for 12 hours at sea before he was rescued. Weinstein got the rights after the Paul Tough-penned story ran in the Times this month.
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