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Departed filming updates, Ultimatum go-ahead

  • Updates on The Departed filming in Boston and some photos of Matt with Martin Scorsese and actor James Badge Dale are from here and here.

    Damon returns to South Boston

    By Carol Beggy & Mark Shanahan, Globe Staff | June 28, 2005

    Matt Damon was sipping a Dunkin' Donuts coffee yesterday, looking relaxed between takes of ''The Departed" as it continued filming in the Mary Ellen McCormack public housing development in South Boston.

    After pausing to chat with director Martin Scorsese, Damon and actor James Badge Dale were back in action on a side street where laundry was hanging and garbage was piled in the street. Asked by reporters if the area had been transformed for filming, one resident said, ''It's garbage day, but I'd never hang my clothes on the line." With trailers and production trucks lining Moakley Park along Old Colony Avenue, a corner of Southie was the set for ''The Departed." (Although signs warned people not to park along Old Colony Ave., more than three dozen cars were reportedly towed) Film crews also were spied yesterday near the L Street Bath House, a few blocks from the L Street Tavern, where Damon's breakout movie, ''Good Will Hunting," was filmed.

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  • A photo of Matt, Jack Nicholson and Martin Scorsese on the South Boston set from the Boston Herald, and a sighting:

    Sighting: Matt Damon, galpal Luciana Barroso and buddies swilling Stella Artois at Sonsie...

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  • A script for The Bourne Ultimatum has officially been commissioned - the story from Variety at

    Universal Pictures has signed Tony Gilroy (Armageddon) to write The Bourne Ultimatum, the first step in getting the third installment of the studio's successful spy franchise off the ground.

    "Ultimatum" is the third Robert Ludlum adaptation for Gilroy after 2002's The Bourne Identity and last year's The Bourne Supremacy.

    Matt Damon has publicly expressed interest in reprising his role as Jason Bourne, but no deal is expected until after Gilroy's script comes back in. The studio is also holding off talks on who'll direct. "Identity" was helmed by Doug Liman, while Paul Greengrass directed last year's "Supremacy."

    The two previous "Bourne" pics have together grossed more than $500 million worldwide and been big earners on DVD, selling 15 million home video units.

  • An update on the possible Lance Armstrong project from the NY Daily News:

    LIVE STRONG? YOU BET! Even sexy Sheryl Crow can't lure Lance Armstrong off the bicycle seat and into the sack during race season. "I can tell you that during the Tour de France there is not a lot of sex going on," Armstrong tells the upcoming issue of Men's Journal. "Prior to a contest, I don't see a problem with it." Asked who might play him in the Lance Armstrong biopic, the six-time Tour winner answers, "I've had the chance to get to know Matt Damon. He is a fan of cycling and has a connection to cancer. He has even expressed an interest in the role."
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