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  • Matt received a Crystal Award at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Tuesday and then attended a range of events to promote Video and photos from the ceremony are available here. Reports are at Business Week, CNBC, Hossli, The Guardian and the BBC. Photos at AP, Graeme Wearden's Twitter and Shraysi Tandon's Twitter. Matt is also pictured with Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus, from his Twitter. Matt also talked about and his first impressions of Davos (after two hours in Switzerland) in this Blomberg video.

    Bourne—er, Damon—said that had already helped more than 5 million people, and he noted that McKinsey consultants have estimated it could reach 100 million by 2020. He said the movers and shakers of Davos—“people in this room”—have the expertise and resources to help his organization reach that goal. “This award is a vote of confidence in what we can achieve and will achieve,” he said, “because we’re just getting started.”

    Damon was one of four recipients of the World Economic Forum’s Crystal Award, which honors artists who have made important contributions to improving the state of the world. The others include Juan Diego Flórez, founder of a poor people’s symphony in Peru; conductor Lorin Maazel; and Shirin Neshat, an Iranian-born artist.

    Damon makes persuasive case for And with that, Matt Damon nipped off to conduct a TV interview, to warm applause from the room.

    It's easy to be starstruck on these occasions -- but putting that aside, Damon and Gary White made a persuasive case for their campaign. They need support from business leaders and politicians attending Davos -- fingers crossed that they have some success this week.

    Schwab Foundation ‏@schwabfound
    great #socent dinner! @ariannahuff,Dina Powell, Matt Damon @schwabfound #socent @Yunus_Centre @raubry @David_Gergen Queen Mathilde #wef14

    Damon was asked if he would be taking the opportunity to go skiing during his visit to Davos. He explained he couldn't as he currently has a broken collarbone, after falling off his mountain bike a few weeks ago. He added that his wife would not be impressed if he left her at home with four children while he went skiing.

  • has announced a new $6.3 million partnership with IKEA in Bangladesh. A new article written by Matt and Gary White is at CNN. A Huffington Post live discussion is also scheduled.

  • Matt talks about Interstellar in new interviews at MTV and HitFix. George Clooney also talked about Matt accepting the role, and holidays with Matt's family, in this video at Access Hollywood.

    "I don't have a big part," [Matt] said, "I was thrilled to be able to work with Chris and I had a blast working with him."

    "I really had so much fun and Matthew [McConaughey]... talk about being in the zone. He's really just crushing everything right now," Damon gushed. "I think it's gonna be great. I think it's gonna be just another big, awesome Chris Nolan movie with awesome performances from Matthew and Anne."

    George Clooney
    “Matt being in the film was such a lucky thing. I give him a hard time but he is a great friend and he is a really great actor."

    [On Matt’s family] "They all come to my house. The whole gang. I’m uncle George. And I do it very well.”

  • Cate Blanchett on reuniting with Matt at The Telegraph:

    As well as Clooney, The Monuments Men reunited her with Matt Damon, with whom she had previously worked 15 years before in The Talented Mr Ripley.

    “We talked a lot about the intervening years, during which I have been raising three sons and he has been raising three daughters,” she says, adding with a laugh: “There are several arranged marriages waiting to be put into action.”

  • A story from Vanity Fair on Matt being Hollywood's new (or continuing) good-natured target for jokes:

    There are few celebrities who come off as “nicer” than Damon. And yes, yes, we know—all the jokes we’ve listed above were delivered in good fun, and were lobbed by people who seem to be close friends with Damon in “real life.” And yes, many other celebrities—such as Clooney himself, who was the recipient of a zinger with way more bite at the Globes—deal with much worse. But this recent fad of Damon-directed demonizing (sorry) still seems, well, odd, considering his standing as one of our most genial celebrities.What did he ever do to any of them?! We feel kind of bad for him (well, as bad as you can feel for an extremely appealing, successful, and attractive movie star). Here are some theories we came up with as a potential explanation for all of this:

    — Damon is so easy-going that other celebrities know he’s a safe target. (He’ll laugh it off!) And teasing Damon allows them to show a bit of edge or verve or “personality” (in that sanitized Hollywood way).

    — Damon serves as a proxy for all of these people to work out their potentially complicated feelings toward Ben Affleck.
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