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Monuments Men, WEF

  • Matt will appear on Letterman, Kimmel and Live with Kelly and Michael next week (mostly pre-taped). There will also be Monuments Men premieres in New York, Berlin, Milan, Paris and London.

  • Photos from a Philanthropic Roundtable that Matt attended (as an audience member) in Davos are available here. The chair was Tony Blair, and panel members Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Muhammad Yunus, and video is available at YouTube.

  • Late reports from Davos: Business World India and Expressen.

    Business World India
    Hollywood star Matt Damon has brought charm, glamour and the water crisis to Davos. After co founding an initiative to help deprived communities with clean, sustainable access to water, Damon has been championing the cause for the last few years.

    By creative innovative funding solutions, Damon's foundation is supporting municipal bodies to become more efficient. Damon told me that the efforts he has launched in India have shown excellent results.

    [Swedish] EU and democracy minister Birgitta Ohlsson had a hectic start to the week. She arrived a few days earlier than her colleagues in government. Her bag is already full of business cards.

    "It's bizarre, to be honest, the people you meet. You become almost starstruck, if you can say so. Everywhere you look different world leaders go by. But in and of itself, the person I have seen people stand and queue for most was Matt Damon", she says.
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