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  • Matt, Lucy and George Clooney are now in Berlin ahead of the Film Festival premiere today. Photos of Matt and Lucy arriving in Berlin are available at Bild, and photos of Matt, Lucy, George and team at the Grill Royal restaurant on Friday night are available at the Daily Mail, Bild and Morgenpost.

  • The press conference, photo call and red carpet will be streamed live from Berlin here - Berlin local times below.

    14.30 Photo Call
    14.45 Press Conference
    18.00 Red Carpet

  • A recap of the Live with Kelly and Michael appearance is available here, including:

    Matt Damon is an Oscar winner and a father whose latest movie is The Monuments Men. The ever-popular A-lister deflected the audience’s attention back to Michael Strahan for his Hall of Fame news this week, and Kelly Ripa welcomed Damon back, asking him about his move to LA.

    He is still going through adjusting to his new home, and he broke his collarbone after taking up mountain biking. It will be another four to six weeks before he is all healed up. But the four girls in his household were good at taking care of him for a few weeks.

  • Matt will be attending the BAFTAs on 16 February.

    Confirmed attendees: @Oprah, @LeoDiCaprio, Daniel Brühl, Martin Scorsese, Matt Damon, Bruce Dern, Steve McQueen & Sandra Bullock. #EEBAFTAs

  • A NY Post sighting:

    Matt Damon and his wife, ­Luciana Barroso, at Dos Caminos in the Meatpacking District.
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