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London premiere

  • On Tuesday Matt attended a press conference at the National Gallery, conducted many interviews and then attended the premiere and cast introductions at the screening before filming the Graham Norton Show and then flying to Paris. Photos from the premiere are below from the Daily Mail, PopSugar, Yahoo, Zimbio and Just Jared. A summary of the press conference is here and a video from the red carpet is at the Radio Times. Photos and highlights from the press tour are on the Facebook pages of Robert Edsel the official film site.

  • Matt filmed the Graham Norton Show with Hugh Bonneville and Bill Murray, instead of Jean Dujardin. The show airs this Friday in the UK. A few tweets from Norton:

    Graham Norton Show‏@TheGNShow
    Well that was possibly one of the craziest shows we've done. Be sure to tune in this Friday. See what happens...

    graham norton‏@grahnort
    We just taped one of the maddest shows ever. @hughbon @Palomafaith Matt Damon, and the actual Bill Murray. Friday night we unleash it!

  • Matt is asked for the first time all junket about his future work plans - from C4 with Paul Mason, including:

    “I haven’t worked since I made this and I am looking for a job,” he says. “But the problem is piracy is a huge deal – it’s eating into 40 per cent of the industry’s market share. So there are different jobs becoming available and very little of the movies that I really want to make. So I’m on a hiatus right now. I’m holding out for something good.”

  • An interview with Matt on UK morning chat show Lorraine aired on Wednesday morning - available here (may only be available in the UK).

    Hollywood star Matt Damon stars alongside George Clooney in The Monuments Men, and he now joins us to talk about family, fame and famous friends.

    They take very good care of me, I'm a lucky guy – Matt Damon on living in a house full of girls
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