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  • Quotes from an interview with Italian magazine Grazia. In the article Matt confirms he donates all fees from the Nespresso commercials to (translated).

    "We've just moved from New York to Los Angeles. It was nice to take care of the house, which at the moment is still a bit upside down: for example, I still have not unpacked my books. I'm trying to get used to the new routine: In the morning we take our daughters to school and in the afternoon we spend a lot of time with them, including helping them with their homework. We do not have a full-time baby-sitter. My wife and I have a normal family life and stability was an absolute must. And now we are succeeding."

    How has your life changed since 2006, the birth of his eldest daughter, to now?
    "Enormously. And we have three daughters, four with Alexia, and it has brought out my feminine side. I would say almost sweet and motherly, of which I had no idea before. And I seem to have acquired other dimensions as a man and as an actor... I love being with girls, discovering day by day the female universe. They are creative, draw, dance, make plays, play with make up and dress up: it's always a party with them, and they do not stand still for a moment. And I'm involved in everything they do."

    Your childhood friend Ben Affleck is also a father. Do you see him often?
    "Not as much as we would like. But our wives are friends, luckily, and our children are great together. Ben and I would like to have the time to sit quietly and write something together, but at the moment we are too busy on other fronts."

    Your wife is not an actress: how is your relationship?
    'I'm in love with a "civilian", as we say here in Hollywood jokingly, and she helps me keep my feet on the ground. She makes me see things in a different way. She's teaching me to dance the tango. But I'm not exactly good... "

    You are very socially engaged in campaigns for clean water in the Third World.
    "Sure. I have been in several African countries, India, Bangladesh, Brazil and Peru. With the organization we try to bring drinking water in remote and poor areas of the planet and we have developed a system of micro-loans to help the inhabitants of these places. There are projects in which I strongly believe, and that sometimes I fund myself, from my own pocket. I recently shot commercials for Nespresso with George Clooney and I donated all of my fee to, as I usually do in these cases. It seems to me the only right way to be in commercials. And also I took the opportunity to spend some quality time with George."

    What will you do now that you are back in Los Angeles, as well as taking care of your family?
    "Devote a bit of time to myself. Walking or bike riding."

    But you just broke your collarbone falling from your mountain bike?
    "Yes, but I have completely healed, although it took several months of physical therapy. With all the stunts I did for action movies I had to fall and break a bone in my spare time! But I like to go too cycling in the Santa Monica Mountains, near where we live. It was a wonderful discovery: I go alone on trails where it is peaceful and I like to carve these moments of almost spiritual communion with nature."

    And what do your daughters think?
    "I do it in the morning, when they are at school."

  • An interview at La Repubblica is now available here (translated). Matt also talks about buying a new male labrador called Spinee.

    Matt Damon lives with his wife Luciana and four daughters. The U.S. actor says it's nice to be normal and to be left alone.

    For his five women Matt Damon has left New York and the East Coast and has settled in Los Angeles, on the hills of Pacific Palisades: "To allow our girls to live between the green and the sea, so they can grow up in sun and in nature."

    Next to Damon's family portraits hangs a photo of the actor along with Nelson Mandela. Damon had met him in 2010 while working from Clint Eastwood's film "Invictus" in South Africa, and a few years earlier in New York. If you ask him about his memories of Mandela, his expression changes. And the more he talks, the stronger the emotion.

    "Even in death he wanted to protect his people, with a long vigil, so that one could get used to the idea, without trauma....[Meeting Mandela] That was for me the most important encounter in my life, the most unforgettable feeling."
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