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  • Matt praises Cate Blanchett ahead of the Oscars - at

    The American star told News Corp Australia that Blanchett is in a class alongside only Meryl Streep.

    “There aren’t very many male or female actors in that stratosphere,” Damon said.

    “It’s a very special thing to see. I remember being 27 years old and seeing it: she walked out after shooting something with us and (director) Anthony Minghella and I just looked at each other, shook our heads and went, ‘What the hell was that?’

    “Now, she’s the same actress except with 16 more years of experience. Her range, which I didn’t see an end to back then, has only expanded. She’s a really special person.”

  • Matt and Lucy attended the Night Before Oscars benefit.  A photo off Matt with Snoop Dogg is at his Instagram.  Matt is not expected to attend the Oscars.

  • A photo of Matt and Lucy earlier in the week in LA was at People.
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