Matt Damon News Column (mattdamoncolumn) wrote,
Matt Damon News Column

French TV show

Photos of Matt and the Monuments Men cast on French television show Le Grand Journal are on their Twitter page:

Photos of Matt and Ben after lunch last week are at the Daily Mail:

An interview with Cate Blanchett is at The Age, including:

Ironically, she filmed her role entirely on sound stages in Germany, at the famed 100-year-old Babelsberg Film Studio in Berlin, and worked largely with Damon in her scenes. ''It has been a long time since I worked with Matt on The Talented Mr Ripley [1999] and, during the intervening years, I've had great admiration for the choices that he has made.'' The two have talked about arranged marriages for her three boys and his three girls, Blanchett jokes, adding: ''He's a great father, but I'm also really looking forward to when he eventually gets around to directing a film, too, because I know he will be great at that."
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