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More time with family

  • The More time with family television pilot with Tom Papa and Alyson Hanigan filmed over the weekend, and Matt was at the filming - a photo with child actor Cyrus Arnold is here.

  • More on the Contagion zombie story from Scott Burns:

    Scott Z. Burns has been writing screenplays for a while now, some of which have become Matt Damon films. And hes, he has a favorite story; “When we were shooting ‘Contagion,’ Matt kept telling Steven [Soderbergh] and me that the movie would make a lot more money if we put zombies in it. One day we hired this giant guy and dressed him as a zombie. Matt came around the corner and made a three-foot leap. He yelled “”Zombies!” and ran with it.”

  • A quote from Jennifer Garner:

    Ben finds time to bond with his best buddy, fellow Bostonian and neighbor, Matt Damon, especially when there’s a Red Sox game on TV, according to Jennifer. “Yes, they’re definitely on if the guys are home. If Matt is in residence and Ben is in residence, they are together. They’re watching. There’s beer—unless one of them is getting ready for a role. Then it’s Diet Coke.”

  • A tweet from Grae Drake of Rotten Tomatoes:

    Grae Drake ‏@graedrake
    @bbekib Jennifer Garner just confirmed that Matt Damon comes to their house and covets the Golden Tomatoes, then tries to leave with them.
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