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  • Director Ridley Scott has arrived in Sydney and may be location scouting for The Martian or Prometheus 2, depending on the report. Details at the Herald Sun.

  • Ben has confirmed the Tom Papa comedy pilot was not picked up.

    Ben Affleck: Well, the chance to do Project Greenlight came up again this year because of the rights resurfacing and we thought it was a great opportunity to use the incredible advancements in technology (both in size and price of camera as well as ubiquity of editing systems) as well as people's increased comfort with sharing video to see if we could cast a wider net and find a great, undiscovered, director. I have a few pilots this year. Our Tom Papa show didn't get picked up but I believe in him a lot and I think we will see something else from him soon. One of the great things about television now is there are so many outlets and platforms—not to mention the web. It's an exciting time.

    Question: How will your time in the industry since it last aired inform what we see in the new season of Project Greenlight?
    Ben Affleck: The show will have the same spirit as the last one; giving someone with talent but no access a chance to be a filmmaker but we hope technological advancements will make it a more robust contest experience and we believe the documentary will also benefit from this.

    Question: Several of these TV projects have Matt Damon's involvement as a common denominator; how much of the appeal of these is working with him and how has your professional relationship changed over the years in terms of who plays what roles in getting things off the ground/bringing the other in?
    Ben Affleck: A big part of this is Matt and I finding ways to work together. We've always believed that our partnership was more than the sum of its parts so it's always exciting to find something to collaborate on. Plus he lives down the street from me so it's easier to get together and work on this stuff.

  • Photos of Matt, Lucy and two of the girls in LA are at the Daily Mail.
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