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Boston charity event

  • As expected, Matt will return to Boston on Tuesday to host the MGH Cancer Center's '100' event. Details at the Boston Globe. John Krasinski hosted last year when Matt was overseas filming Monuments Men.

    As he has for the past few years, Matt Damon will attend the MGH Cancer Center’s “The 100” celebration Tuesday at the Westin Boston Waterfront. The event, chaired this year by Jonathan Kraft and his wife, Patti, honors 100 people, groups, and organizations that are leading the fight against cancer. Actress Valerie Harper, who’s been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, will be honored and “American Idol” winner Phillip Phillips will perform.

  • Photos of Matt in LA last week are at the Daily Mail and Just Jared. A report on the Santa Cruz roller derby visit is here.

  • Photos from Matt, Ben, Robin and Gus van Sant's visit to Camp David in January 1998 to screen Good Will Hunting are available here.
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