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Robin Williams

  • Robin Williams has died in California. An old quote from Matt is at USA Today, and Matt has released a statement through his publicist.

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    Statement from Matt
    Matt Damon: "Robin brought so much joy into my life and I will carry that joy with me forever. He was such a beautiful man. I was lucky to know him and I will never, ever forget him. I truly hope the people in the media can find it within themselves to give his family some privacy during this horrible time."

    Matt in 1997
    "I think the one image I'll always remember is Robin leaning out of the window of his house in the movie while a mob of people from South Boston came out just to see him," recalled Damon. "He was leaning out to do jokes. And this crowd of 200 was just laughing. Most actors would hide in the house. But he was put on Earth to make people happy. And what makes him happy is to watch other people laugh."

    A memorable scene from Good Will Hunting

    A tribute in Boston
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  • The Martian looks to be filming in Hungary later this year.

    UK Production News ‏@Uk_Production
    Ridley Scott to direct 'The Martian', a sci-fi thriller starring Matt Damon. It's shooting in Hungary late this year
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