Matt Damon News Column (mattdamoncolumn) wrote,
Matt Damon News Column

Martian update

  • Details of the primary location for The Martian in Hungary from KFTV:

    Our sources tell us that the production office is based at Korda Studios, which is located nearly twenty miles outside Budapest in the village of Etyek. The film will also shoot on various locations within Hungary.

  • Kate Mara is a new addition to the cast as the female lead. Mackenzie Davis has also joined the cast.

  • The involvement of Matt and Paul Greengrass is said to be at a very early stage, and the other Bourne film with Jeremy Renner is still going ahead.

  • Matt and Lucy attended the Coldplay concert on Wednesday with Alexia and friends.

  • Photos of Matt out for dinner on Tuesday are at Lainey Gossip.
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