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  • Matt's appearance with Jerry Weintraub on the Charlie Rose show was pre-empted, but it will be airing this week (PBS channel).

  • From a report about the Hotel Rwanda premiere on dailynews:

    Cheadle stars in the astonishing and inspiring true-life story of Paul Rusesabagina, a mild-mannered Rwandan hotel manager who stood up to the Hutu militia, housing and protecting more than a thousand Tutsi refugees during the 1994 genocide that left 1 million dead.

    "It's difficult for us in the United States to grasp the horrors of genocide," said Damon. "But this compelling film humanizes the situation and enables us to relate to it. It definitely encouraged me to use my voice to draw attention to abuses like this."

  • More O12-related interviews are here and here, including:

    Damon: Also, you're introducing a new character played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, who's like a central character in the movie who was trying to catch us. You want her to be kind of formidable, and you want Vincent's [Cassel] new character to be formidable as well. The difference this time is that in the first film, we had it all together. You were never really in doubt that this crew was going to pull off this big Vegas heist. Suddenly in the sequel we've got to do some paying it back.

    Clooney: We're bumbling idiots. The end is not certain, which I think is part of the fun.

    Damon: But unlike the "Star Wars" sequel, we don't have those freaking little Ewoks to bring new adventure.

    Clooney: The Ewoks are actually in "Ocean's Thirteen." People will have to wait a few years for that one.

  • Another early (and positive) review of O12 is at CinemaSource.

    Of the original cast, Damon steals scenes as super sensitive pick pocket Linus who is enthusiastic about climbing his way up the criminal ladder. He aspires to be a ringleader like Danny but his naivety makes us laugh as he gives his all even if he is in too deep.
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