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Casting news

  • Jeff Daniels has joined The Martian.

  • Matt is one of the actors being considered for another biopic of Steve Jobs for director Danny Boyle.

  • The Farrelly brothers have joined the judging panel for Project Greenlight. The top ten have just been announced and Matt and Ben spoke to the finalists by Skype.

  • From an interview with Ben:

    When such decisions are to be made, he relies on the counsel of his wife, actor Jennifer Garner, his brother, actor Casey Affleck, and his best mate, Matt Damon.

    There is not, he says, “a gigantic number of people you would trust to give honest feedback”. His friendship with Damon now stretches to 30 years.

    “It’s so relaxing and nice to be able to talk honestly with someone who really understands you and your whole history of life, who can offer you perspective, who you can offer perspective to,” he says of his fellow Bostonian. “You don’t have to have a guard up, or be concerned about what you’re saying in any way.”

    He adds that he and Damon have an even more bizarre synchronicity in that they both have had to live most of their adult lives very publicly.

    “There’s a rare perspective that we have. A lot of the issues that come up around trying to do this job and what it means for your personal life ... how to approach it professionally ... We have each other to bounce that off.”
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