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Photo source, Howard Zinn

  • The rugby photos of yesterday originated (in thumbnail size) at More photos, in a very small size, are at that site. One of the pics is also at People's site.

  • An excerpt from an interview at with Deb Ellis and Denis Mueller, directors of the film Howard Zinn: You can't be neutral on a moving train, for which Matt provided some narration:

    Judith: How did Matt Damon become involved with the project?

    Denis: I learned that Matt had grown up next to the Zinn's and that his mother was a friend of the family. What is interesting is that before we met him for the recording session, we called Howard and asked him what Matt was like, and wondered whether Matt had called Howard to check us out. I was stunned to find out that Matt never asked Howard about us and Howard told us, "He is a very trusting guy." Matt has been great to us and I hope people know that this is a person who is committed.

    Deb: It was interesting working with Damon in the recording session. After he read the first excerpt I made a suggestion about inflection (yeah right – making a suggestion to Matt Damon? Who did I think I was?) His response was that he felt it was better to read the material straight, and allow the strength of the words to come through on their own. He was right, and his judgment really makes a difference in the tone of the film. It was such a pleasure to work with someone of his depth – even if the actual time was short!
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