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Bourne in 2016, PGL winner announced

  • Matt (and Ben) confirmed that a new Bourne movie will be released in 2016 - from E Online.

    In between talking about their HBO series and their impressive muscles, Affleck (accidently?) revealed a big casting announcement.

    "Well, [Damon's] going to be doing a Bourne movie next fall when I've just completely lost any semblance of physical fitness. So….," Affleck told E! News exclusively.Did Affleck just say what we think he said? Oh yes, he did!

    "Yes, next year," Damon responded to E! News when asked for clarification. "It'll be in 2016 when the movie will actually come out. [Director] Paul Greengrass is going to do another one and that's all I ever said. I just needed him to say yes."

  • Matt and Ben announced that Jason Mann was the winner of Project Greenlight season 4 on Friday. Interviews and photos are at Access Hollywood, Variety, PopSugar and People.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • Details and a few reviews of Matt's extended cameo in Interstellar.

  • Director Alexander Payne wrote to a newspaper to state that Downsizing is now yet confirmed or financed:

    Alexander Payne is calling reports that he will direct a sci-fi comedy starring Matt Damon “premature.”

    “There are no deals, no proverbial ‘green light,’ nothing in stone,” Payne told The World-Herald in an email. “I’ve observed too many an expectant couple announce the pregnancy and then miscarry.”
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