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Photo, Chris Rock

  • Photos of Matt and Lucy leaving the Tom Papa comedy show on Tuesday after Matt performed are at the Daily Mail.

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  • Chris Rock mentions Matt's role in Interstellar at Deadline:

    Do you like being in control of the whole film—writing, directing, starring—as opposed to just an acting gig likeGrown Ups 2?
    Rock: Hey, I’d love someone to cast me in something great and I just had to learn my part. But that hasn’t happened that often, so I like to work. I’d love to be Matt Damon. I’d love to just pop up in Interstellar and be great.

    Right. Nobody knew he was in it.
    No one knew he was in it. When the pod started to open up I was like, “Please be Will Ferrell.” Yeah. I would love that. I would love somebody to write Bourne movies for me, but that is not going to happen, so you kind of have to write stuff.
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