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Great Wall project back on, Chris Hemsworth

  • A new casting announcement for the Great Wall project reveals that Matt is still linked to the film.

    “Game of Thrones” breakout star Pedro Pascal is in negotiations to join Matt Damon in Legendary’s untitled Great Wall historical epic, multiple individuals with knowledge of the project have told TheWrap.

    Visionary Chinese director Zhang Yimou is set to make his English-language debut with the film, which follows an elite force making a last stand for humanity on the world’s most iconic structure.

  • Kristin Wiig mentions she has finished filming her scenes for The Martian in this interview.

    Damon remains in negotiations to star in the Great Wall movie, which is expected to be the largest film ever shot entirely in China.

  • A new GQ interview with Chris Hemsworth mentions Matt a few times, including:

    I follow Hemsworth inside, through the living room, into the kitchen, and it's only then that I realize I'm standing in Matt Damon's house. The giveaway is Matt Damon, perched on a countertop in his kitchen, sipping coffee as his family buzzes around. Despite the thirteen-year age difference, Hemsworth and Damon are tight—like, annual-family-trip-to-Costa-Rica tight. "We became friends around the time I started to work, and I've really benefited from watching how he handles himself," says Hemsworth. "Matt's just a normal guy who has the movie-star thing figured out." And now Matt is our bike guy.

    Damon leads us out to the garage and starts gearing us up—checking brakes, squeezing tires, inspecting helmets for structural integrity. When I mention I forgot my shades, Damon bounds upstairs and comes back with two pairs, just so I have options. When I voice my fears about keeping up with Hemsworth, he tells me not to worry. "I'm not sending you guys on anything too crazy," he says. "Obviously, be a little careful up there. I broke my clavicle on the same trail a few months ago." Thanks for the reassurance, Matt Damon.

    We never get to that diner. Damon won't hear of it, insisting we have breakfast at his place instead. He brews some coffee (well, puts pods into a machine, the Hollywood version of brewing coffee) while Hemsworth makes pancakes. He plates two for me and two for himself. Damon passes—he's drinking a shake to drop weight for a Ridley Scott movie that has him trapped on Mars.

  • Lainey Gossip's take on the Hemsworth interview:

    The profile is set up as a kind of “man test” to see if Hemsworth is a Legit Man or a Hollywood Man, and throughout the piece Matt Damon keeps coming up—he and Hemsworth are good friends. He lends Hemsworth and his profiler, David Katz, a couple of bikes. He forgets to give them water. He insists they make breakfast, not go to a diner. Matt Damon is one of the good ones, one of the best, really, and if he’s tight with Chris Hemsworth, then that is the most attractive thing about him. It’s all you need to know. This entire profile could have been one sentence: “Chris Hemsworth is friends with Matt Damon.”

  • Empire has posted the cover page of The Martian's script, which Ridley Scott sent into space:

    Taking his commitment to realistic sci-fi very seriously indeed, Ridley Scott sent a page from The Martian into space for real this month, hitching a ride for it on the maiden voyage of NASA’s Orion spacecraft. The first page of Simon Kinberg’s original draft, the sheet bears Scott’s drawing of Matt Damon’s stranded astronaut declaring that he’ll “science the shit out of this planet,” – a line from book upon which the film is based.

    Taking off on December 5, the Orion embarked on a four-and-a-half hour orbital flight that took it 5600 miles above the Earth’s surface with Scott’s page in tow. “NASA really rolled out the red carpet for us,” explains executive producer Aditya Sood. “In the capsule they had some personal objects that were important to people involved in the Orion project and one of the things was Ridley’s drawing on the cover page of The Martian script. This is a movie about people who are really passionate about science and space-travel, so that was a really great moment for us."

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