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Super Bowl bet

  • Matt talks about a Super Bowl bet with his assistant Colin and upcoming projects in an interview with a Seattle radio station.

    Longtime New England fan Matt Damon may be sporting a Russell Wilson jersey on TV if the Seahawks win the Super Bowl.

    Damon revealed on KIRO Radio's Tom & Curley Show that he's made a bet with his assistant, a diehard Seahawks fan who hails from Sammamish, Wash., that will require Damon to wear the Wilson jersey in a high-profile TV appearance.

    "On the talk show of his choice, I have to wear a Russell Wilson jersey," says Damon. "I have to come out and do the whole talk show in a Russell Wilson jersey."

    If the Seahawks lose, it will be his assistant sporting the other team's colors.

    "Colin and I have about a year of work lined up all over the world and he's got to wear a Tom Brady jersey everywhere we go," says Damon. "I'm going to take a picture of him every day. We're going to the Great Wall. I'm just going to start a blog and it's going to be this miserable Seattle fan wearing a Patriots jersey in seven or eight different countries."

  • Details of Matt's cameo in an upcoming Super Bowl commercial for Nationwide is at Mindy talked about the commercial at Ad Week. The 45 second ad is directed by Doug Liman.

  • A new promotion in combination with Stella Artois is detailed at CBS, with more information and videos at the Daily Mail.
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