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Boston pic, Shepherd update

  • From the Boston Herald:

    HOW YOU DOIN'?: Before shoving off last week, ``The Departed'' director Martin Scorsese invited Mayor Tom Menino to stop by the Chinatown set so he could properly thank Hizzonah for the Hub's hospitality. While visiting the shoot, Menino chatted up Cambridge homey Matt Damon, who asked the mayor for updates on the Sox-Yankees score. Imagine Damon's delight to hear Boston blitzed the Bronx Bombers 17-1! (Photo by Andrew Cooper/Warner Bros.)

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  • From an interview with Billy Bob Thornton in USA Today:

    "I'm not much of a movie-star type," says Thornton, adding that actors John Cusack and Matt Damon are two of his very few close movie-industry friends. "I'm not part of that world. I can't imagine being someone like her. Being so famous."

  • The Good Shepherd begins filming in NY on 15 August, and in the Dominican Republic from 26 October. A description of a proposed scene in the film (definite spoilers) in an article with theatre director David Chambers is from this site.

    Chambers is probably better known for directing premieres of contemporary work, but his eclectic career leaves him no stranger to the task at hand. Currently, he is special unit director for an upcoming Robert De Niro film, The Good Shepherd. The movie, directed by De Niro and starring innocent-faced Matt Damon, dramatizes the life of James Angleton, one of the CIA’s founders, a brilliant intellect for whom the ends justified the means. Turns out Angleton acted in plays while an undergraduate at Yale. For The Good Shepherd, Chambers is staging a lavish segment depicting Angleton on stage in H.M.S. Pinafore—the night he was asked to join the secretive Skull and Bones Society, a recruiting cell for the agency in its early incarnations.
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