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Martian, Bourne

  • From an interview with Ridley Scott at

    It’s a very challenging role for Matt because for most of the film he’s on his own...
    Scott: Exactly. You are all on your own and you are holding down the stage by yourself and you’ve got to keep it alive and keep it amusing. I think people know that Matt has a great sense of humour and he enabled himself to tap into that humour, which I would call laconic humour or gallows humour. But you know, all these elements mean that it comes down to a good film. And I loved working with Matt.

    You also build the Rover vehicle didn’t you?
    Yes, and that’s now in Wadi Rum, we gave it to the King of Jordan. He has a tank museum and he was very happy to have it – I’m sure he’s driving it right now.

  • The 'Mark Watney' training video is available below, thanks to Rose:

  • Photos from the Bourne 5 set in Tenerife with Matt, Julia Stiles and Paul Greengrass are available here, including:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • An extended conversation with Matt and Ben about the new season of Project Greenlight is available below. A preview of the series from the Boston Herald is available at the Boston Herald.

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