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  • New interviews with Matt are at Deadline (photos by Gabriel Goldberg below) and Variety, including:

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    This is just a random aside, but I read that you wrote that script like a few streets away from me in Eagle Rock, which is sort of inspiring!
    Oh really? Yeah. We called it the castle. It was this place, sh-t, if you went down Colorado and went up the hill...

    I think it was on Hill Street.
    Yeah! We were there because Ben was at Occi[dental College], and so we lived in a bunch of sh-tty apartments in Eagle Rock, but the castle was the nicest place that we lived in because I had done “Geronimo” and Ben, I think he had just done “Dazed and Confused.” So we had enough money to get a nice place and Casey [Affleck] had just graduated high school and he came out and lived with us.

    Yeah, anybody can write something. I remember Tom Hanks saying to me in “Saving Private Ryan” — he said it to all of us. We were sitting in a foxhole waiting for a shot, or they were lighting or something, and he was talking about this business and he said, “You’re always one movie away from being the biggest movie star in the world.” He goes, “Your mailman is one movie away from being the biggest…” And if you think about it, he hung in there for so long and then suddenly just exploded. But it’s like that one movie, you’re one away.

    Indeed. And speaking earlier of “Bourne,” how’s that coming along?
    We’re, like, probably about halfway through. We started in September but they’re going dark for most of December and cutting basically the first two acts. And then we have the third act and then whatever we owe from the first two acts.

    There’s certainly been a lot that’s happened in the world to work with. Where are you shooting?
    We were in Tenerife, which is supposed to be Athens. It would be like a nighttime riot scene to kind of start the movie. And then England, Berlin a little bit for about a week, and a little bit in D.C. Then we’re going to Vegas for the third act.

    Oh wow. That’s going to be fun.
    Big car chase on the strip.

    Well good luck with it.
    Thanks. I’ll try not to f— it up!

  • From an interview with Alicia Vikander:

    "I'm a big 'Bourne' fan, I've seen the films several times," Vikander said. "I found myself on the set the other day, and someone had a line say, 'Oh, Jesus Christ, that's Jason Bourne!' And I was like, 'Oh, my God!' I couldn't really believe it. I felt like I was a fan on set."
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