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New York Times interview

  • A new profile of Matt is at the New York Times, including:

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    “I think it’s fun to watch people smarter than us solving problems,” [Matt] said.

    Directors insist it’s no act. “The man is smart as a whip,” Mr. Scott said. Paul Greengrass (“The Bourne Ultimatum”) described Mr. Damon, a Harvard-educated actor, as “ferociously intelligent.”

    “He was always terrifically good,” Mr. Greengrass said by phone from London, “but he’s the father of children now, he’s lived life more, and you can see it in him and in his acting. There’s a broader humanity to what he does now.”

    Mr. Affleck explained: “Matt is totally willing to look foolish, scared, weak, or to take on any of the very human qualities that we all have but that our vanity makes us want to hide from others. You can see his willingness to do this in almost all of his performances, and ‘The Martian’ is no exception.”

  • An article on The Martian's Oscar chances are at the LA Times.
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