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Jason Bourne trailer released

  • The title of Bourne 5 is Jason Bourne. A teaser trailer, Twitter account, website, Facebook page, Instagram page and poster have also been released. An article at EW also has some new quotes.

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    “You have to do something great and new, and Alicia is our great and new,” Damon said of Swedish actress joining the franchise. “One thing about these movies is that the casts are so good. I always feel so amazed at the people we get. If we have any kind of formula, it’s hiring the very best actors we can to fill out these roles and Alicia and Tommy Lee are two absolute heavyweights.”

  • Matt, Lucy and friends participated in a half marathon on Sunday. Photos and an interview with Matt are at the OC Register:

    Some of the 16,000 runners at the Surf City marathon on Sunday may have thought their post-race delirium got the best of them.

    But they really did see “The Martian.”

    Actor Matt Damon ran the half marathon, then posed for selfies with fans as he waited with some buddies for his wife Luciana Barroso to finish.

    “My wife wanted to do it. I've been working out of town for the last couple weeks so I was in no position to say no to her,” he said with a laugh. “For not training, I think we did well.

    “We broke two hours,” he said, referring to himself and his friends.

    Damon said he arrived in Surf City at 2 a.m., coming from the Directors Guild of America Awards in Los Angeles, held Saturday evening. He caught a few hours of shuteye at a hotel before hitting the pavement, he said.

    “I was on the fence this morning. I woke up and was like I don't know (about this),” he said, noting the early hour. “Once I got going, I was ok.”
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