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Great Wall delayed, Ato Essandoh

  • The Great Wall has been delayed until 17 February 2017.

  • Photos of Matt and Ridley Scott leaving a London restaurant are at the Daily Mail.

  • A photo of Matt and his tattoo for Lucy by Sam Jones at Off Camera.

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  • From an interview with Jason Bourne actor Ato Essandoh at Interview Magazine:

    EMMA BROWN: I saw you in the Super Bowl commercial for Jason Bourne.
    ESSANDOH: When I tell my friends, "I'm in the Bourne movie." They're like, "Congratulations! Matt Damon coming back?" I go, "Yeah." And they're like, "Yo! Matt Damon! Matty D!" Everyone pretends they know Matt Damon. It's exciting. Being in the Super Bowl commercial is pretty exciting, too. When we were shooting months ago in London, we did that line from the commercial—"Oh my god, that's Jason Bourne"—and Paul Greengrass was joking, "It's going to be in the Super Bowl ad. It's a perfect Super Bowl ad line." That's exactly what he did.

    BROWN: Did you get a million text messages?
    ESSANDOH: I got a million text messages, most of which were, "Yo! You're in the Bourne movie! This is going to be bananas!" A lot of exclamation points.

    BROWN: Jamie Foxx has this story about working on Collateral with Tom Cruise. Apparently he actually crashed the car he was driving once, and Tom Cruise was in the back, so everyone was like, "Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Are you okay Mr. Cruise?" Is that what working with Matt Damon is like?
    ESSANDOH: [laughs] Totally, because he's the franchise. If something happens to me, it's going to be okay, if something happens to Jason Bourne, the whole movie is done, so I get it. I know I'm supposed to say this, but I really genuinely think Matt Damon is a great dude. Matt Damon's on our side.

    Alicia Vikander is in the movie as well, and we have this scene where we're walking together and Jason Bourne appears. Where we were, we couldn't lock down the space, so they posted those signs, "We're shooting a movie here and by being in this area, you consent to being filmed." Jason Bourne is supposed to be really sneaky and spry, but as soon as he walks by, everybody pulls out their cell phones and starts recording. That level of fame is wild to see.
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