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Jason Bourne filming ends

  • Matt has returned to LA after finishing filming for Jason Bourne in London. The Oscars are on Sunday.

  • From an interview with Tom Papa at the Boston Globe:

    You’re coming to perform in your pal Matt Damon’s hometown. Is he a funny guy behind the scenes?
    He’s the greatest. We’ve become really good friends and it’s mainly built on just hanging out and making each other laugh. He’s really, really funny. A lot of times, you meet actors and they are interesting, but he’s actually really funny and just a great guy. We became really tight as soon as we started working together.

    Do you think he could make it as a comedian?
    He’s one of those annoying people who could probably do anything he sets his mind to, so let’s hope he doesn’t.

  • An interview with Matt is at
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