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Omaha shoot

  • There aren't many new details in this Downsizing article from the local Omaha paper.

    The film will shoot in three countries: the U.S., Canada and Norway. The bulk of the four-month shoot will take place in Toronto. But Payne said he will also shoot in L.A. and Omaha in April for a week apiece. Payne has homes in both cities.

    Payne, who shot “Citizen Ruth,” “Election” and “About Schmidt” in the Omaha metro area, hasn’t shot a film in his hometown in more than a decade, though much of his home state was covered in “Nebraska.”

    “I’m really excited about it,” he said. “I wish I were shooting more in Omaha.”

    “Downsizing” is expected to be released in theaters in the final quarter of 2017.

  • A photo from the Oscars ceremony at Awards Daily, thanks to Irina.

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