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Gilliam in Time, Syriana pic

  • An article about Terry Gilliam and his upcoming two movies is at Time, and includes these quotes from Matt, the first when discussing the on-set problems:

    Gilliam got so upset, the film was shut down for nearly two weeks. "I've never been in a situation like that," Damon recalls. "Terry was spitting rage at the system, at the Weinsteins. You can't try and impose big compromises on a visionary director like him. If you try to force him to do what you want creatively, he'll go nuclear." Now, with the release date fast approaching, the combatants have calmed down. "However difficult and painful it's been," Gilliam says, "everybody seems to like the film."

    Damon pursued Gilliam for years before landing a part in Grimm. "I grew up loving Time Bandits, the way that movie created this weird but totally convincing world," the actor says. "When I first saw his intricate sets for Grimm's haunted forest, I felt like that kid in Time Bandits stepping into his incredible fantasy land."

  • An article at spacereview reports that Matt did some voiceover work on an upcoming IMAX film titled Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D:

    The movie’s dialogue will be taken directly from the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, with additional quotes from the astronauts voiced over ("Ken Burns style", Cowen explained) by a number of actors, including Gary Sinise, Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon, and Paul Newman.

  • reports that Alec Baldwin and John Turturro are also cast in The Good Shepherd, and this report says a former Miss Universe from Botswana has also been offered a role.

  • In May 2003 Matt was involved in a PSA and interviews for a project called Facing History and Ourselves (information and clips available at this website). In the interview clip Matt talks about how the program, which was part of his school's curriculum in the 8th grade, impacted on his life and affected him as an actor.

  • A new still of Matt in Syriana is from Coming Soon.
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