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Q&A with Terry Gilliam, Heath talks about Matt

  • The Learning Annex is offering a chance to see Brothers Grimm early and be present for a Q&A session with Terry Gilliam.

    In this special evening, you'll watch the upcoming blockbuster The Brothers Grimm before it premieres in theaters. Then, Good Morning America film critic Joel Siegel will interview the acclaimed director of the film: Terry Gilliam. It's a must-see for any film buff, aspiring director or fan of Terry Gilliam!

  • Many new stills and behind the scenes photos from Brothers Grimm are now online at the official site. The site also mentions that Matt, Heath, Monica Bellucci, Terry Gilliam and producer Chuck Roven are expected to attend the Venice Film Festival to promote the film.

  • A quote from Heath Ledger in Jane magazine, transcribed at heathbaby:

    You got to make The Brothers Grimm with a real Hollywood outsider, director Terry Gilliam. Are you a big Monty Python fan?

    Like, a geeky fanboy who memorized skits?
    I memorized whole movies! And beyond that I'm the biggest fan of Terry's—the style of his work, his roots. I absolutely love this movie. I had the best time making it and the most fun watching it. It's funny and smart, and everything that is Terry. And Matt Damon played my brother, and I just loved working with him. He's the loveliest guy in the world. A fantastic actor.

  • Actor Patrick Wilson discussed his potential involvement in The Good Shepherd to the Rocky Mountain News:

    Though it's been announced that Patrick's next movie is the Robert DeNiro-directed flick The Good Shepherd, he says it all depends on scheduling. "It's such a great script. I'm really trying to work it out, and I hope I can," he notes.

    "Robert DeNiro has been trying to get it done for a few years, and hopefully the movie happens and I'll be in it. I've got my plate full right now, so we'll see what happens," says Wilson, who has four more movies, in the works and expects to return to Broadway in 2006 for Barefoot in the Park.
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