Matt Damon News Column (mattdamoncolumn) wrote,
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Downsizing moves to Toronto

  • After four days of filming in Omaha Downsizing now moves to Toronto. Photos from the Omaha shoot are here and here, with more links and videos in the previous comments section.

  • A new photo from Jason Bourne and more comments by Matt and Paul Greengrass about the plot are at EW, including:

    The world has changed significantly since the superspy last appeared on the big screen, by way of new leaders and looming threats. “Different concerns, different issues, different themes,” notes Greengrass. “For Bourne, that’s a good landscape to emerge in.”

    And he needs a bike that can keep up with the bulk of his biceps — which is why he seizes this custom ride from one of the goons on his tail. Damon pulled off the high-risk caper with the help of stuntman Paul Edmondson.

    “He does all the stuff that is life-threatening that I could never get insured for, and quite frankly, would never do,” Damon says, laughing. “Mostly because I’d just look terrified while doing it.”
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