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  • Moby confirmed he has recorded a new version of Extreme Ways for the end credits of Jason Bourne, and has already seen the film.

    To date, Moby has landed six Grammy nominations for his music, though many folks likely know his sound from the movies. His instantly recognizable jam “Extreme Ways” serves as the theme to the “Bourne” franchise starring Matt Damon. Just like John Barry and Monty Norman are tied with their signature “007” theme, Moby is forever tied with Jason Bourne for his badass “Bourne” theme.

    The fifth installment, “Jason Bourne,” is set to hit movie theaters on July 29.

    “I’ve seen a rough cut of it, and honestly, it’s really special,” Moby said. “Matt Damon is back involved, as is (director) Paul Greengrass, and it’s really exciting. I’ve done the closing credits for that as well.”

  • Actor James van der Beek is also in Downsizing, as he confirmed on his Instagram, and attended a baseball game with Matt and Kristin Wiig in Toronto last week.

  • Matt is providing the commencement speech at MIT on Friday 3 June at 10am. A live webcast will be available here.
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