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Yulin PSA

  • Matt has recorded a PSA about the upcoming Yulin Dog Festival - details at National Earth Official's Instagram

  • Matt and Ben received their Spike Guys Choice Awards on Saturday as joint recipients of Guys of the Decade. Report is at the Boston Globe, People and In Style. Photos are at Zimbio.

  • From an interview with Matt at the MIT Tech:

    The Tech: I review movies for [The Tech]. I wonder, as an actor, what is your least favorite trope? Do you ever just read a script and go, ‘Seriously? You’re gonna make me do that?’
    Damon: I think nowadays I’m so depressed about ... things because movies have changed since I was where you are. That was 25 years ago. Because of these bigger influences on the business, now they’re making these giant, giant movies that are these 300 million dollar behemoths, and they’re all about people in capes running around...

    I’d say what irks me the most right now is that the movies that were my bread and butter, you know, the Good Will Hunting-type movies, or The Informant, or movies like that, that range from say 20 to 60 million dollars and are about people talking to each other, have just evaporated. They’re just gone. They’re not being made anymore. They’re either being migrated to television, or they have to be made for extremely low budgets. And they’ve been replaced by these 500 million dollar juggernauts that the movie audience doesn’t seem to be getting tired of. And that’s what’s alarming, like normally these things move in phases and there’s a correction, there’s kind of a re-correction and a rebalance and we kind of get back to how we all like entertainment. But right now, it looks like there hasn’t been that correction. In fact, I’m thinking of one thing that bothers me; it’s that the scripts have become so simple, and the stories have become so simple and predictable, and we’re not getting tired of them yet.
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