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Brothers Grimm promotion

  • ET is promoting that Matt and Heath Ledger will be on Thursday's show, and it's likely to be new interviews from the first day of the press junket for Brothers Grimm. Other entertainment shows may also have some coverage.

  • A few quotes from a story on a 16 year old selected to be a PA for The Departed's shoot in Boston:

    His toughest days actually have been nights, two back-to-back all nighters in Chinatown. Part of his job has been keeping bystanders off the set and quiet. This wasn't always easy when they were drunk and belligerent.

    "I had to keep my wits about me," said Brennan. "I didn't have any problems with anybody, but I heard a couple of the production assistants did, when girls flooded out of bars and discovered that Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio were right around the corner," said Brennan. "The girls freaked out."

    After one of the all-nighters, at 5 a.m., Damon praised Brennan for a job well done. It helped make the night all the more worthwhile.

    Nicholson and DiCaprio have stuck more to business, not stopping much to talk to people, observed Brennan. But he said that Damon has been particularly friendly with the fans. One day after filming in South Boston, he hung around on a street corner for 45 minutes signing autographs. "The police were around and he had bodyguards, but they were lingering," said Brennan.
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