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Jason Bourne passes $400m

  • Jason Bourne has now passed $400 million worldwide - from Variety.

    The film has grossed an estimated $161.8 million in North America and $238.6 million internationally to date. It’s the highest-grossing “Bourne” film of the series abroad and the second-highest-grossing worldwide.

    The movie launched in its final international market, Japan, on Friday. “Jason Bourne” scored No. 1 openings in 49 markets and became the highest-f “Bourne” franchise film in 51 territories.

    The highest-earning markets are: China ($66.3 million), U.K. ($30.3 million), South Korea ($19.1 million), Australia ($16.7 million), and France ($11.6 million).

  • Update:Matt, Ben and Harvey Weinstein participated in attend John Krasinski's live reading of Good Will Hunting in New York on Friday. John talked about the live read on GMA, where Ben Affleck made a surprise appearance. A photo of the reading with John, Emily Blunt, Margo Martindale, Daveed Diggs, Keegan-Michael Key, Matt and Ben by Sandy Hall:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • Matt will attend the NY Comic-Con to promote Great Wall on Saturday (his 46th birthday).

    Dave Karger‏@davekarger
    In NYC to moderate #TheGreatWall panel at #NYCC with #ZhangYimou #MattDamon @PedroPascal1 @JingTian #WangJunkai. Who else will be there?

  • Matt met Idina Menzel after a Jimmy Kimmel skit during the week.
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