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Live by night premiere - Matt Damon News Column
Live by night premiere
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From: (Anonymous) Date: January 10th, 2017 08:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
Cute. Ben's hitting the circuit, so more Matt stories. And, yeah that was some fast disappearing fluff of Matt's! He must have read that you didn't like it Felicity. Ha.


From: bumengbumeng Date: January 10th, 2017 10:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
“Yeah, there were tears,” Damon told Vanity Fair Monday, at the Hollywood premiere of Ben Affleck’s new prohibition-era gangster movie, Live by Night. “Casey is like a brother to me. I’ve known him since we were kids. I met him at the age of five, and always admired how funny and smart he is. . . . He’s actually my favorite actor, and one of the best actors that I’ve seen in my life.”
43 comments or Leave a comment