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From: (Anonymous) Date: January 17th, 2017 05:17 pm (UTC) (Link)

RE: Re: International Box O - Great Wall

The fact that it has opened fairly well in Europe astounds me. First in France and second in Germany?! Obviously Matt is doing his job and putting butts in the seats internationally. So, the strategy of hiring an A list western star with a "class" reputation is helping the public reception tremendously. Can't expect it to be a big financial hit but the concern that it would be an enormous flop appears to have faded. I expect the Chinese will tweak this model and continue on with it.

And yes, there have been some ads on US TV. I expect it will do poorly here.

From: (Anonymous) Date: January 18th, 2017 02:02 am (UTC) (Link)

RE: Re: International Box O - Great Wall

America is sinking fast both intellectually and culturally as far as I'm concerned and the rise of social media and social justice warriors who don't know their ass from their elbow has contributed to this problem.

Look at The Last Samurai, that movie was released in 2005 which seems like ages ago where social media was in its infancy. Could you imagine if that film was released now, the outrage? It's ridiculous. Or a movie like Lawrence of Arabia? We are living in the most politically correct era of our time.
45 comments or Leave a comment