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Leno tonight, ET interview clip online

  • A reminder that Matt is scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday 8 August.

    The LA premiere of The Brothers Grimm is also scheduled for Monday 8 August at the Director's Guild of America Theatre from 6.30pm.

  • The first junket interview clip for The Brothers Grimm is online at ET's website. Matt and Heath are interviewed together and, after talk of Ben's wedding and Heath's impending fatherhood, there's a brief chat about the film, Lena Headey and Monica Bellucci.

  • Terry Gilliam is interviewed at Coming Soon, including:

    CS!: How did you end up choosing Matt Damon and Heath Ledger to play the two brothers and how did you decide which one of them would play which brother?

    Gilliam: Well, I actually think both are doing different roles, because Matt normally is doing the more introspective character until he started doing "Bourne Identity," but even in that, he's still quiet and is introspective to his actions. In this one, he's the extrovert, the big mouth, the guy who charms women. And Heath, who's often playing the leading man is now playing the twitchy, funny brother, who's sort of vulnerable. Basically, it was about casting against type, as usual. I just like putting people through things they haven't done before and the same goes for the audience, trying to give them a different ride where they can see these people as actors, and not just extensions of one particular aspect of their character.

  • And similar quotes from Gilliam in a Starlog magazine interview:

    Gilliam is lush with praise for his cast … "They were fantastic", he says. "That's what made the job a joy – the actors were incredible. Matt and Heath connected, and when people see the film, they comment that they really believe these guys are brothers. That's the heart of the movie, and they worked out brilliantly. In a sense, I cast them against type, because I got Matt to play the ladies' man and Heath to play the introspective, shy, quirky dreamer. Which is almost the opposite of the roles they usually play. What's nice is watching the two of them and how they interrelate and progress through the movie."
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