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  • Matt, Lucy and Pedro Pascal attended the premiere of The Great Wall in LA on Wednesday. Photos are at the Daily Mail, Extra TV and Kung Fu Movie Guide.

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    Anne Thompson‏@akstanwyck
    The Great Wall is $150 million epic spectacle like studios used to make; huge sets and extras and VFX. Matt Damon & Pedro Pascal are fine.

  • In an interview with (not online yet), Matt discussed a range of issues:

    * Matt says he will "probably go back to work again at the end of the year or next year."

    * On Pedro: "Pedro and my wife have very parallel stories - he's Chilean and she's Argentinian and both of them, with their parents, fled their countries when they were babies and moved to America. So when they met each other it was like they were a long lost brother and sister."

    * "Pascal - "Tio Pedro" to Matt's kids - can't speak highly enough of Damon's generosity, not only in welcoming him into the family, but in the way he worked with The Great Wall's sprawling crew. "What anyone famous or unknown can learn from Matt is that it takes incredible generosity and patience to provide everyone with a good experience."

    * Matt: "Movies are a tool for empathy. Particularly with the political climate in my country, it seems the more movies put out there expressing different perspectives, the better off we'll be."
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