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  • A clip from Live with Kelly and Ryan is on the show's page. Matt also met Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things at the show.

  • Matt's interview with Entertainment Tonight is available here, including:

    Damon is currently gearing up to celebrate the holidays with his wife, Luciana Barroso, and their kids.

    “We just get everybody together and eat our faces off, which is great,” he dished. “I love the holidays and any excuse to get people together, have too much food and wine is good in my book.”

    He noted that when he got married, he had to change his outlook on Christmas tree decorating.

    “I married a day after Thanksgiving tree person,” he quipped. “I was not and that was not our way in my family. We were kind of like, ‘Oh, it's the 24th. Run and get a tree!’ But no, I married into a different kind of expectation, set of expectations.”

  • A longer interview is at Parade, including:

    What are your favorite Sunday memories growing up?
    My dad usually had us on the weekends, and he had a rule to always keep us moving. That was his one criteria for parenthood. So we never stopped. We would be playing football or baseball or basketball. He just ran us into the ground. I have the best memories of playing sports with my brother and my dad every weekend.

    Did you have any traditional Sunday meals together?
    My dad always said he viewed food as fuel, so it was like: Get it in as fast as you can, and then get back out there and keep playing.

    What do you like to do on Sundays now?
    Watch the New England Patriots win. That’s my ideal Sunday: On my couch, and the kids are there. The great thing about [living in] L.A. is those [games] happen at 10 in the morning, so usually the football game’s over, and you can get out and have a fun day with the kids.

    What is something small that means a great deal to you?
    My wedding ring. My grandmother gave my mother her ring in her will. My grandfather didn’t have a lot of money; they were kind of children of the Depression, and the ring he gave her had these tiny, tiny little diamonds in them. They weren’t quality diamonds; it was what he could afford. But the marriage lasted. They were married for over 60 years. It wasn’t about the ring; it was about the marriage. So when I told my mother that I was marrying Lucy, she gave me that ring and there were these six little diamonds. We took three of them and we put them on the inside of my band, and then we took three and we put them on the inside of her band. So they’re not visible, but we’re hopefully carrying the best part of that union with us.

    Little Things He Loves
    Favorite Sunday reading “The Boston Globe sports section or the New York Times Magazine.”

    Coveted spot in the house “My couch.”

    Go-to drive-through item “An In-N-Out Burger Double-Double.”

    Best board games to play with daughters Life and Monopoly

    Favorite toy from childhood “Wiffle bat. That was a constant in my life as a kid.”

  • Matt talked about his father's ongoing illness in an interview with Extra.
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