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Interview with Lucy

  • Lucy spoke with Vogue Australia while in Sydney with Elsa Pataky to attend a few Fashion Week shows - from Vogue:

    Damon, who is extremely private and has never officially spoken publicly, granted her first interview to Vogue Australia and discussed being best friends with the Hemsworths and why the Damons relocated to Byron Bay (which we will reveal in the coming days), and how her real-life Hollywood romance began.

    At the time Lucy was raising her daughter Alexia (then 4) as a single mum; something she says was one of the things that attracted Matt to her.

    “We definitely had a connection right away, it was so easy to talk to each other we were very comfortable [with each other], and by the end of the night he invited me to go out with his friends. But I was like: ‘I can’t, I have a four-year-old daughter, I’m not going anywhere'… and that was one of the things he loved, that I had a daughter. He said: ‘I love that you’re a mum and that’s your priority’. Some guys might have been different, they might think it’s complicated, but for him it wasn’t. When you meet somebody that you have a connection with, that’s just the person that you have a connection with, all the other stuff— the movie-star part—wasn’t really a factor. It was just Matt, to me he’s just Matt.”

    The Damons recently moved with their daughters to Byron Bay for a temporary break from Hollywood and to heal from a tumultuous 12 months in which Matt lost his beloved father Kent, who passed away from cancer.

    Despite run-ins with jellyfish and giant pythons in their new Australian home, the family is loving Byron Bay where they live next door to the Hemsworths, spend their time surfing and riding horses, and generally enjoying life in their new “paradise”.

    Asked what the secret to a successful Hollywood marriage is, Lucy says she has “no idea! I just know I think we both feel, really, really lucky to have met each other so we don’t take that for granted. It’s life and marriage, so there’s ups and downs you know, but overall it’s easy and it’s fun. And he’s such a good dad.”
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